Certified Technician level ,1,2,3

5 days training



Day 1

  • Leaning and understanding all 3 major principles of a cell-phone, which is the hardware, mother/logic board and software aspect of the device and how they work together.
  • Introduction to all tools needed for repairs
  • Electrostatic discharge source and prevention (ESD)
  • Discovery and identification of hidden factors/ clear cut compartment (flex and component)
  • Details to step by step dismantling and assembly of basic phones, sliding phones and flip phones.
  • How to detect and test components with Multi-meter.
  • Keypad malfunction Clean and Repair procedure.
  • Flex Ribbon Replacements.
  • General diagnostic procedure.
  • Understanding GSM and CDMA Concepts difference .


Day 2

  • Learning and determining of the difference between LCD and DIGITIZER
  • Understanding Basic Power Testing and Trouble shooting
  • Details to step by step dismantling and assembly of touch screen, smart phones.
  • Changing touch screens(digitizer repairs)
  • Changing LCD (liquid color display)
  • Changing of charging ports by flex cable or attach and detachment.
  • Learning common touch screen problem and the easiest way to fix them.
  • Ability to detect hidden screws and flex cable ribbons.


Day 3

  • General technique to dismantling and assembly of all current iPhone model
  • Type of screws and its significance
  • Proper camera installation procedure
  • Full lcd and digitizer screen replacement
  • Study of screen assembly parts and installation
  • IPhone Charging Ports, Microphones, headphone jacks, replacement
  • Studying of mother board connectors and functions
  • Battery replacement
  • Microphone and speaker identification and repairs


Day 4

  • Basics to soldering
  • Equipment and components for soldering
  • Basic soldering re-balling
  • Soldering lead application
  • Soldering lead removal
  • How to attach and detach, Charging Ports with soldering
  • Advanced Hot Air Reworking
  • How to Detecting water damage
  • Fixing basic oxidation on mother board with reflow to re-align all mother board components and resisters
  • Steps to water damage treatment


Day 5

  • Introduction to unlocking
  • Steps to unlocking phones to be used world wide
  • Learning the technical language and understanding technical terms (imei, meid,esd,ect..)
  • Access to support and parts acquisition websites
  • Introduction to android tablet repairs
  • Steps and techniques to dis-assemble and assemble
  • Basic android tablet repairs
  • Customer service and communication values
  • Graduation day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

idevice certified specialist

3 days training


Apple iPhone

Day 1

  • Understanding the proper opening techniques of the latest apple iPhones
  • LCD & Digitizer Replacement
  • Power Flex Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • USB Flex Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Wi-Fi Repair
  • Water Damage Treatment Solution

iPod Touch Repair
Procedures and techniques

Day 2

  • Touch screen Replacement Techniques
  • LCD Replacement
  • Wi-Fi Repair fix
  • Battery Replacement
  • Apple iPad Repair
  • Digitizer Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Flex Ribbon Replacement

Hot Air Reworking On
iPhone, iPod and iPad

Day 3

  • Understanding Hot Air Reflow Equipment and Temperatures
  • Maintenance of Reflow Equipment
  • Techniques for replacing components
  • Charging Ports
  • Ribbon Connectors
  • Board Reflowing
  • IOS Restore
  • IOS upgrading
  • IOS Unlocking