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Hello & Welcome to My Cellphone Repairs Training Center – a one-stop cellphone,iPhones and ipad repair training center in  Maryland. ​We offer detailed step-by-step cellphone repairs training,

  • How to repair smartphone repairs
  • How to repair samsung
  • How to repair iphones
  • How to repair ipads

how to repair tablets and other mobile device repairs in Maryland,DC and Virginia. Our rates are reasonable. You will acquire exhaustive knowledge through our training classes that would help you build an outstanding career in all kinds of mobile device repairs.

Our Classes


MCRTC Training

M.C.R.T.C worldwide international CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIAN LEVEL 3 training course is a detailed step by step advanced 5 days, 40 hours of training focused on hands-on repair training which gives every individual the confidence and ability to repair all wireless devices.which include how to repair IPHONES ….More


iDevice Repairs Training

This is an advanced level training class on all iPhones, iPods and iPads. Detailed repair techniques on water damage repairs, advance reflow, soldering and trouble shooting. You also learn all the functions of the motherboard parts so as to quickly detect issues……More


LCD Certified Remanufacturing

This is an advanced level training certification for LCD and Digitizer separation and remanufacturing. Detailed step-by-step dismantling and techniques used to remanufacture UV bonding LCD and Digitizer….More


Console & Tablet Training

This is a 4 day detailed step by step hands-on training course on game console and tablets that teaches you all the techniques needed to do all repairs, including mother board advance reflow and soldering, power issues and parts replacement….More

Our Repairs


Apart from excellent mobile device repair training we also deliver high-quality cellphone repairs services in Maryland. Be it iPhone water damage repairs, iPhone battery issues repairs or cracked screen repairs in College Park, we serve it all. In other words, we are the one-stop solution for all your mobile device repair requirements.

Physical Damage

  • Cracked Screens
  • Water Damage
  • Broken Charing Port

Software and Signal Issues

  • Frozen Device
  • Dropped Calls
  • Static Disturbance

Love hardware?

Want to be a trained technician?


We are a certified cell phone, tablet, and console repair and training center. We offer several classes to get you the tech-spertise you need.


  • MCRTC Training
  • iDevice Repairs Training
  • LCD Certified Remanufacturing
  • Console & Tablet Training

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